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  • JointGel Formula - Super Chocolate Powder
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    • Fortifies Joint Cartilage*
    • Promotes Mobility by Supporting Joint Comfort & Flexibility*
    • Clinically Studied Ingredients for Joint Health*

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    An Innovative Breakthrough In Joint Cartilage Care*

    Now in a Rich & Delicious Chocolate Flavor

    Remember when you could go for a walk without your knees complaining? Do you avoid playing catch with the kids because your shoulder gets that angry twinge? And where are your gardening tools? Are they gathering dust because the thought of getting up and down in the flower bed brings a tear to your eye?

    Then it’s time to feed your joints the revolutionary nutrition found in JointGel®!

    JointGel® is designed to give you your active life back. Inside this formula are two clinically studied ingredients, both shown to support the comfort and flexibility of your joints by going to the root of most joint concerns: cartilage structure and connective tissue integrity.*

    • Fortigel®: Developed by scientists to stimulate the collagen cells within your joints to grow refreshed healthy cartilage.*
    • OptiMSM®: An amazing form of bioavailable sulfur that promotes healthy connective tissue.*

    JointGel® is all about increasing your mobility by fortifying the cartilage and strengthening the tendons and ligaments within your joints.* But be warned — JointGel® is not for people who want to just pop a pill and feel a little bit better for a few hours. This product is for people who are looking for a long-term way to reach new heights in joint health.*

    Yes, you will feel some soothing comfort for your joints in the short term using JointGel®. Clinical studies on the active Fortigel® component in JointGel® show you can achieve a better level of comfort even before you finish your first bottle. And that comfort will build over time as you continue to use JointGel®.

    JointGel® is for people who want to move beyond the cycle of temporary relief — this formula is only right for you if you are ready to break the cycle and get back to living an active life.

    There are thousands of joint supplements on the market — but there is only one JointGel®!

    Joint Gel Mixed Berry

    Also Available in Our Great Tasting Mixed Berry Flavor

    How Does JointGel® Work?

    The active ingredients in JointGel® are backed by years of research into the science of cartilage growth and connective tissue health — and have been put to the test in over 30 clinical studies.*

    The Science of Cartilage Health

    Healthy cartilage is a complex matrix of proteins, collagen, proteoglycan, and elastin fibers. And while you have probably heard a lot these days about the “benefits” of collagen (and all the various types of collagen), there’s a special form of collagen that clinical studies show can stimulate growth in cartilage cells: Fortigel® Bioactive Collagen Peptides (FBCP).*

    JointGel Joint Cartilage Regeneration

    The Fortigel® BCPs contained in JointGel® are derived from unique amino acid sequences that support collagen biosynthesis and proteoglycan generation, which promotes elastin fiber and cartilage strength!* Clinical studies on Fortigel® have been conducted using 5 grams (Institute for Sports Science, Univ of Freiburg, Germany) and 10 grams. JointGel® delivers 5 grams of Fortigel® + 1500 mg of OptiMSM® per serving to nourish and feed your cartilage, which expands the long-term benefits!

    The Science of Connective Tissue Health

    While collagen and cartilage are key components of the joint matrix, connective tissue plays a vital role as well. The tendons and ligaments that connect your bones to your joints are important for mobility, and they require special nutrition to stay in good working order. That’s why we infused this formula with OptiMSM®, a specially cultivated form of methylsulfonylmethane. This biologically active sulfur is created using a multi-stage distillation process that ensures a 99.9% pure powder perfectly suited to support the integrity, elasticity, and smooth operation of your connective tissues throughout your entire body.* Plus, OptiMSM® also supports your body’s antioxidant capacity.*

    The end result is joint comfort and flexibility support unmatched by any other formula. That’s the power of JointGel®!

    JointGel Joint Running Couple

    The Big BONUS Benefits of JointGel®

    Sure, you take JointGel® because your goal is more joint comfort, flexibility, and mobility.* But clinical testing on the active ingredients show that JointGel® delivers some great bonus benefits too!

    • Skin Health: Your skin is made up of collagen and connective tissue, which means that JointGel® supports skin hydration, elasticity, and fullness.* After all, why not look great now that you’re feeling great!
    • Hair Health: Keratin is an important component of strong, vibrant hair — and OptiMSM® provides an important building block of keratin.*
    • Nail Strength: The same keratin that beautifies your hair also supports strong nails.*
    • Immune Function: Another benefit of the sulfur component in OptiMSM® is that it helps maintain a healthy immune system following physical stress.*
    • Muscle Recovery: Collagen and connective tissue health are also important to keeping your muscles healthy and play a vital role in how your muscles respond to activity and exercise.*
    JointGel Infographic
    JointGel Infographic

    Why Is JointGel® A Delicious Chocolate Powder?

    When it comes to getting JointGel® into the joint matrix, we discovered that it needed to be delivered in the most bioavailable, highly absorbable form possible. And for that, it needs to be in a powder that dissolves fully and smoothly into a liquid. That way, JointGel® absorbs into your system quickly through the walls of your intestines — and gets distributed into your collagen centers and connective tissue where it goes to work supporting your comfort, flexibility, and mobility.*

    That's why we now make JointGel® in a decadent chocolate flavor! And while you can mix it in water, JointGel® Chocolate is so rich and creamy that you will want to give it a try in your favorite milk beverage. It tastes just like a chocolate shake! Plus, JointGel® doesn’t contain any added sugar, it’s low in carbs (just 2 g), and provides a needed 5 grams of protein. So you can simply scoop, shake, and be on your way to a more comfortable day with JointGel®!

    JointGel Joint Cartilage


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    • 05/19/21 7:01
    • 4 out of 5
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    • For some reason I cant pick stars above.
      Overall 4.5
      Quality 5
      Satisfaction 4.5

      My reason for 4.5 is while the taste of the chocolate is far superior to the berry flavor nasty, the chocolate tastes like cheap hot cocoa that comes in a packet and you only give to kids. It took me about a week to get over the sickly sweetness. I know you cator to people with the standard America sweet tooth so I understand why its so disgustingly sweet. It would be nice to have it taste like rich chocolate than cheap artificial cocoa packets
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    • 02/17/21 6:14
    • 4 out of 5
    • Seems to work
    • It seems to work. I tend to push things to the limit, so, that being said I do like it quite a bit. I will continue to put it to the test like I do everything else I try.