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  • JointGel Formula - Mixed Berry Powder
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  • Product Highlights

    • Supports Joint Function and Flexibility while Fortifying Joint Cartilage*
    • Counteracts Normal Wear and Tear on Joint Cartilage due to everyday activity*
    • Helps Maintain Healthy Skin* - Delicious Mixed Berry Flavor

  • Fortify Your Joints and Muscles with JointGel*

    Purity’s JointGel™ features Fortigel®, an innovative joint support ingredient containing Fortigel®, —Nourishment for Joints.* Fortigel® is a unique composition of collagen peptides that targets joint tissues by increasing the production of collagen and other structural components of cartilage called "proteoglycans."* Comprising 95 percent of joint cartilage, collagen and proteoglycans form the matrix that maintains the stability and normal elasticity of joint tissue.*

    Fortigel® Research

    A review of seven clinical trials on the effectiveness of collagen peptide for joint support confirmed that orally consumed collagen peptides are absorbed and accumulate in joint cartilage.*

    Published research has shown that Fortigel® helps relieve minor activity-related joint pain in athletes after exercise.* In a 2017 trial conducted at Penn State University, ninety-seven athletes who were experiencing knee discomfort after participation in sports took 5 grams, the amount in one serving of JointGel™, daily for 12 weeks. As stated in the report, due to be published in the scientific journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, "The study demonstrated that supplementation of specific collagen peptides in young adults with functional knee problems led to a statistically significant improvement in activity related joint pain."

    MSM-Biologically Active Sulfur for Healthy Joints, Skin and Hair*

    MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a source of biologically active sulfur found naturally in the earth’s sulfur cycle, where sulfur compounds form in the upper atmosphere, eventually making their way into the soil. OptiMSM® is an ultra-pure, high quality MSM manufactured exclusively in the U.S. using a distillation process recognized by experts as the superior method for producing MSM.

    Published human clinical studies demonstrate that OptiMSM® supports skin appearance, exercise recovery and healthy joint function.*

    Features and Benefits

    • Supports and fortifies joint cartilage*
    • Promotes joint cartilage strength*
    • Helps relieve minor joint pain in athletes after exercise.*
    • Counteracts normal wear and tear on joint cartilage caused by aging, exercise and everyday activity.*
    • Helps Maintain Healthy Skin*


    Schunck M, Schulze CH, Oesser S. Collagen peptide supplementation stimulates proteoglycan biosynthesis and aggregan expression of articular chondrocytes. Abstracts of 2009 World Congress on Osteoarthritis. September 10-13, 2009. Montreal, Quebec, Canada Zdzieblick D, et al. Improvement of activity-related knee discomfort following supplementation of specific collagen peptides. App Physiol Nutr Metab 2017 (publication pending). Bello AE, Oesser S. Collagen hydrolysate for the treatment of osteoarthritis and other joint disorders: a review of the literature. Current Research and Medical Opinion 2006; 22(11):2221-32. Butawan M, et al. Methylsulfonylmethane: applications and safety of a novel dietary supplement. Nutrients 2017:9 (290:



    To achieve the highest standard in specifications of finished product, our manufacturer adheres to the highest quality control measures, including:

    • NNFA certified
    • TGA Certified
    • Health Canada, European Union GMP Certified
    • Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) ensuring consistent quality
    • ISO 17025 accreditation of in-house laboratories performing Chemical, Physical, and Microbial testing
    • Finished products that meet and often exceed United States Pharmacopeia (USP30) specifications
    • Certificates of Analysis available
    • VCP (Vendor Certification Program) to ensure raw material quality
    • Compliance with the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002

    235 Certificate of Analysis
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