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Water Filters and Bottles

  • Water Pure Platinum Edition - Countertop Filter System
  • For just pennies a day, you'll have ample quantities of clean, pure water for rinsing fruits and vegetables, cooking soups, boiling pasta, making that all important first cup of coffee or tea and so much more.
    Retail price is $160--save now!
    • Delivers freshly filtered water for drinking and cooking. Takes the PX1 replacement filter.
    • Saves $100's over bottled water each year - Retail price $160. Now only $99
    • Removes virtually 100% of chlorine, lead, cryptosporidium, and sediments
  • PB1 Replacement Filter
  • This advanced PB1 cartridge only fits the original Water Pure system (which has ridges on its exterior). Matrikx Pb1 extruded activated carbon filters reduce soluble lead and destroys chlorine chemicals and cryptosporidium up to 99%.
    • Removes chlorine, lead, bad taste and odor, and cryptosporidium up to 99%
    • The Original Water Pure System Filter Cartridge
    • One Micron Extruded Carbon Block Filter
  • Water Pure Platinum PX-1 High Performance Filter
  • Ideal for residential drinking water, the Water Pure Platinum PX-1 High Performance Filter is specifically designed to remove lead, chlorine, cysts, and other compounds that contribute to bad taste and odor.
    • This is the Replacement Filter for the Water Pure Platinum Edition System
    • Lead, Chlorine, Cyst (Giardia, Cryptosporidium) Reduction
    • Powerful filter cartridge for residential and commercial water purification systems.
  • Shower Replacement Filter
  • The Water Pure Shower System reduces Chlorine from your shower water, for a fresher showering experience!
    • Removes Chlorine From Your Shower Water
    • Easy to Use
    • Easy Installation
  • WCS filter
  • This is a 20 micron filter cartridge that will reduce lead, chlorine, heavy metals and many organic chemicals.
    • Ideal for Locations with High Rust and Sediment
    • Reduces Lead and Heavy Metals
    • Reduces Chlorine, Bad Taste and Odor