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  • High Potency Black Seed Oil
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    • Double-Strength, Cold Pressed & Highly Concentrated
    • Supports Cardiovascular Health*
    • Supports Your Body’s Antioxidant Defense*

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    What It Is:

    Discover the cardio health promoting effects of Black Seed Oil in a formula that delivers 2X more Thymoquinone than ordinary formulas.*

    Why It’s Special:

    We carefully cultivate our Black Seed Oil from the Mediterranean Nigella sativa plant using advanced cold press technology. No harsh chemical extraction!

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    Discover the Benefits of High Potency Black Seed Oil

    Since the days of ancient Greece and the rise of Egypt, people in the Mediterranean Basin, and eventually around the globe, have valued black seed oil as one of nature's most potent tonics. Hippocrates, the Grandfather of Modern Medicine, considered black seed oil a must-have remedy in his arsenal of botanical tinctures. King Tut valued the oil so much that he was buried with it. And Cleopatra prized the oil for how beautiful it could make her look and feel.

    Now Purity Products® has married the best of ancient wisdom with exacting modern science to produce a High Potency Black Seed Oil that is 2-times stronger than ordinary black seed products. And we didn't do it by upping the amount of oil per soft gel - we did it by extracting more power from the seed at the same 500 mg dose as competitive products!

    This extra power is literally squeezed out of carefully cultivated Mediterranean Nigella sativa plants using advanced cold press technology. No harsh chemical extraction is used for our High Potency Black Seed Oil — just smart science and precise manufacturing techniques.

    Black Seed Oil

    What Is Thymoquinone and How Does It Power Black Seed Oil?

    At the heart of our High Potency Black Seed Oil is a 3% concentration of Thymoquinone, the active ingredient inside the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant. While other black seed oil products only produce 1.5% Thymoquinone, we double that to power dynamic health.

    Recent research has shown what up until now has just been anecdotal evidence. Science has discovered that Thymoquinone and black seed oil:

    • Supports Cardiovascular Health through two active channels*
      • Helps Maintain Blood Lipids (Cholesterol & Triglycerides) Already in the Normal Range1
      • Maintenance of Blood Pressure Already in the Normal Range2
    • Supports Your Body's Antioxidant Defense*3
    • Supports Male Reproductive Health*4
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    Why Choose High Potency Black Seed Oil from Purity Products®?

    Science has shown us what could not have been guessed at centuries ago — that black seed oil is rich in Omega-6 essential fatty acid (which our own bodies cannot make and must come from outside sources) and important Omega-9 polyunsaturated fat — both of which are key building blocks of our body's cells.*

    But the reason to get your black seed oil from Purity Products® is the guaranteed quality, potency, and purity of our High Potency Black Seed Oil with 3% Thymoquinone. It's backed by science, prepared with care, and delivered in easy-to-swallow soft gels. It's a difference that you will feel every day!

    Black Seed Oil Benefits
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