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  • Zestosterone® Pro
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  • Product Highlights

    • Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels, Supports Muscle Mass & Libido*
    • Supports Positive Mood & Healthy Stress Response, Stamina & Energy*
    • Featuring 200 mg / serving of premium Freeze-dried, 100:1 L-Jack™ Tongkat Ali

  • I'm Back from the World's Oldest Rainforest - The Search Is Over

    Hello! I’m Chris Kilham—The Medicine Hunter. As an ethnobotanist, my mission is to scour the globe searching for the best health-supporting botanicals that can positively impact human health. Purity Products® recently commissioned me to find the world’s leading plant-based ingredient to boost men’s health, vigor, mood and performance.*

    That quest recently brought me to the rainforests of Malaysia, where I discovered a wildly harvested, forest source of a legendary plant root called Tongkat Ali. This powerful root is prized for its effects on male health, especially when it comes to supporting testosterone levels, strength, mood, energy and libido.*

    From Forest to Formula – We Get it Right!

    I am friendly with the local team that harvests this root in Malaysia, just as I am familiar with the strong science that substantiates the benefits of Tongkat Ali. I can share with you first hand, when it comes to purity, potency and quality this specific brand of Tongkat Ali — known as L-Jack -- is truly world-class. Check out the video (below) and pics of me observing the harvesting and processing of the root. Sourcing, handling and especially potency are paramount when it comes to Tongkat Ali. Only after meticulous scrutiny did we approve of this specific freeze-dried, 100:1 L-Jack EXTRACT as the headline ingredient in our Zestosterone® Pro – Purity’s new premier Men’s Performance formula. To me this is the top Tongkat Ali in the world, and Purity Products® goes that extra mile ensuring the seamless quality and locking in the benefits from "FOREST to FORMULA"!

    It’s Time To Go Pro — Zestosterone® Pro — Take Your Performance To A New Level

    Many people make the mistake of thinking that testosterone is a young man’s game and sadly accept that their T-level will decline as they age. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, it’s true that testosterone levels begin dropping by about 1% per year when you hit 30. Around 5% of men in their 50s begin showing signs of low T, with fatigue, loss of libido, and mood issues being the primary signals.

    But you don’t have to give in to low T-levels!

    Zestosterone® Pro is designed to support male performance in both mind and body. The dynamic blend of ingredients in Zestosterone® Pro promotes:

    • Healthy Testosterone Levels*
    • Positive Mood*
    • Healthy Stress Response*
    • Healthy Circulation*
    • Strength & Energy*
    • Prostate Health*
    • Male Sexual Health*

    So, stop marching towards low T-levels and take charge of what makes a man a man!

    The Science Behind Zestosterone® Pro

    Zestosterone® Pro represents the pinnacle of science for men’s health. Each ingredient is carefully woven into a veggie-capsule matrix that provides comprehensive support for specific areas of concern for every man.

    • L-Jack Tongkat Ali: Forest harvested in the Malaysian rainforest, this root extract has been used for centuries by men and women who want to raise their game.
    • OptiZinc®: Zinc is needed for the function of nearly 300 enzymes in the body, and it is involved in many areas of health including immune function and reproductive health.* This crucial "male mineral" supports fertility while also helping to keep your prostate healthy.1*
    • ENOVITA® Grape Seed Extract: This potent and patented grape seed extract provides the kind of circulatory support that’s important to healthy endothelial cell integrity and blood vessel function in men looking to increase physical performance and micro-circulation.2*
    • CardioAid® Beta Sitosterol: This plant phytosterol is an effective solution for supporting prostate and urinary function in men.*
    • Boron: Boron is a trace mineral valued for supporting joint health and flexibility-which is certainly tied to physical performance. But we include it in Zestosterone® Pro because clinical studies now show it supports free testosterone levels.3*

    A Complete Solution For Men Concerned About Their Testosterone Level

    Zestosterone® Pro represents years of research, not only in the lab but in the fields where ancient wisdom becomes modern reality. With world-class L-Jack Tongkat Ali married to the top ingredients for male physical performance and healthy stress response, this is one formula that men cannot afford to ignore. If you want to bring your A-Game every day, you owe it to yourself to tap the science and nutritional benefits of Zestosterone® Pro!

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