Chris Kilham's Vital Super Reds
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  • Vital Super Reds™ / Cranberry Formula - Capsules
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    • Promotes Energy and Vitality*
    • Supports Cardiovascular Wellness & Antioxidant Defense*
    • With 500mg of Organic Cranberry (Pacran®) to Help Maintain a Healthy Urinary Tract*

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  • The Vitalizing Power of Red Super Fruits -- In a Capsule

    The color red in nature is typically associated with strength, power and vitality. The robust attributes of the color red is intuitively imbedded into our collective thinking. Likewise, in the plant kingdom, we also see Nature has endowed "red super foods" — fruits such as wild cranberries, pomegranates and goji berries—with potent health promoting substances referenced in the research as "anthocyanins." These "phytonutrients" (literally "nutrients from plants") function as antioxidants to protect cells and tissues from oxidative stress due to unchecked build-up of free radicals, those potentially damaging by-products of metabolic process that utilize oxygen.* This property gives anthocyanins the ability to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, while promoting antioxidant defense, blood vessel function, heathy energy and vitality.*

    Vital Super Reds harnesses the power of Nature's finest red pigmented super fruits in the convenience of an easy-to-swallow veggie capsule. It is a nourishing, vitality-enhancing formula that bursting with prized red colored phytonutrients chosen by Chris Kilham, the Medicine Hunter®. Featuring an evidence-based dose of Organic Cranberries (Pacran®), plus Organic Freeze-Dried, Whole Berry Schisandra (Shisandra chinensis), Vital Super Reds also includes Pomegranate P40 Extract and Goji Berry Extract to support cardiovascular wellness and total body wellness.*

    The Power of Whole Organic Cranberry (Pacran®)

    Vital Super Reds is fortified with 500 mg of Pacran® a unique, organic cranberry fruit delivering the benefits of the whole cranberry, including the juice, skin, flesh and seeds. As a whole cranberry matrix, Pacran® contains the entire spectrum of this red super fruit—cranberry as nature designed it. The latest research reveals that whole cranberry offers more benefits than cranberry extracts made from partial fractions of the fruit.*. Impressively, 500 mg of Pacran® (the same amount found in Vital Super Reds) in double blind, clinical studies was found to effectively promote urinary tract health. Prior research has focused on just the "proanthocyanidins (PACs)", an anthocyanin-related group of phytonutrients, as the compounds mainly responsible for beneficial the effect of cranberries on urinary tract health.* However, recent studies have revealed synergies of the whole fruit (like Pacran®) outperform isolated fractions with concentrated levels of PACs.

    Pacran®-Clinically-Tested for Urinary Tract Health

    In a randomized, double-blind clinical trial published in the scientific journal Current Bioactive Compounds, the effect of Whole Cranberry was assessed in a group of 60 women with concerns about urinary health. At a dose of 500 mg, Pacran® produced significant benefits in as little as 10 days. And for the men, note, Cranberry has also been researched to provide healthy benefits for prostate support and function.

    Organic Freeze-Dried Schisandra - Herbal Vitality for the Mind and Body*

    Vital Super Reds contains 100 percent organic freeze-dried Schisandra Berry. Schisandra Berry is a vitality-enhancing herb widely used in both traditional and contemporary Chinese medicine. Schisandra has a 2,000-year history of use for supporting longevity and energy and fighting fatigue, as well as improving mental concentration, coordination and endurance in athletes.* Schisandra is considered one of the most highly protective of all medicinal plants, and the berry is included in many traditional formulas for promoting healthy energy as well as mental and physical performance.*

    According to Chris Kilham, "Schisandra enjoys millennia of traditional use for promoting healthy vitality, supporting energy and overall wellness.* Schisandra also possesses significant protective antioxidant activity. Thus it helps to maintain healthy cells throughout the body."*

    Pomegranate for Cardiovascular Support*

    Pomegranate has gained scientific recognition among red super fruits that support cardiovascular health.* Vital Super Reds features Pomegranate P40p, a patented pomegranate extract standardized for key active ingredients in the fruit called "punicosides." The antioxidant effects of pomegranate juice and extracts have been investigated in a number of published scientific studies and reviews. Pomegranate has been found to increase antioxidant capacity in humans while decreasing biomarkers of oxidative stress in the blood.* Additional research has shown that that pomegranate helps protect nitric oxide in the endothelium from being degraded by free radicals, which in turn is a major positive for healthy circulation support.* Research results also indicate that pomegranate can help maintain blood lipids (fats) and blood pressure in already normal ranges.*

    Goji Berry

    Vital Super Reds rounds its generous plateful of Nature’s red power with Goji Berry, another nutrition-packed red super fruit. Packed with anthocyanins, Goji berry buttresses the benefits of Vital Super Reds for cardiovascular and immune support.* Chris Kilham touts the value of Goji berries: "Goji berries are unquestionably rich in protective antioxidants," says Kilham. "Research shows that Goji berries impart health benefits," he adds.

    Vital Super Reds Supports:

    • Energy, Vigor and Vitality*
    • Cardiovascular Health*
    • Normal Immune Function*
    • Healthy Urinary Tract Function*


    To achieve the highest standard in specifications of finished product, our manufacturer adheres to the highest quality control measures, including:

    • Written Standard Operating Prodcedures (SOPs) to comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations ensuring consistent quality
    • Certificate of Analysis available
    • USDA Certified Organic Handler/Processor
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