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  • Vital Rejuvenator™ (Organic) Formula
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    • Promotes Vitality and Stamina*
    • Promotes Physical and Mental Performance*
    • Supports Healthy Energy and Stress Management *

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    What It Is:

    A unique formula deigned by Chris Kilham, the Medicine Hunter®, that combines the legendary benefits of Schisandra with clinically studied KSM-66® Ashwagandha to promote vitality, stress management, and more.*

    Why It’s Special:

    Vital Rejuvenator™ features a patented, organic, full-spectrum Ashwagandha extract that promotes smooth energy, focus, and stamina.*

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    Discover A New Sense of Vitality with Vital Rejuvenator

    As a Medicine Hunter® and the Explorer-In-Residence at Purity Products®, I'm constantly on the trail hunting for new ways to enjoy life healthier.

    So, when Purity tasked me to develop a formula that delivers a balanced burst of healthy energy, stress relief, and more, I knew it had to contain a blend of organic active ingredients that together would be more than the sum of their parts.

    After all, life these days is pretty hectic and stressful for all of us! That is why I formulated Vital Rejuvenator™ using best-in-class superfoods.

    Vital Rejuvenator™ harnesses the power of KSM-66® Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Schisandra Berry, Organic Blueberry, Organic Pomegranate, and Organic Cranberry into one dynamic formula. Together, this unique blend promotes vitality & stamina while supporting healthy stress management as well as physical and mental performance.*

    So, if you are looking to give your mind and body a boost, read on to learn more about Vital Rejuvenator™.

    Vital Rejuvenator Chris Kilham
    Vital Rejuvenator Benefits

    The Body & Mind Benefits of Organic KSM-66® Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha is an ancient herb known to enhance energy, endurance, and stamina.* It is also an adaptogen — a plant that helps your body respond to stress by managing both psychical and mental stressors.*

    KSM-66® is a high concentration, full-spectrum root extract of Ashwagandha that has been put to the test in multiple clinical studies.

    Vital Rejuvenator Yofa

    One study focused on cardiovascular endurance and physical endurance, where 50 healthy athletic women were given either 300 mg of KSM-66® or placebo twice daily for 12 weeks.*

    • The cardiorespiratory endurance of participants in this study was monitored by measuring oxygen consumption at peak physical exertion levels in a 20 m shuttle run test.
    • Oral administration of KSM-66® Ashwagandha led to increased oxygen consumption at peak physical exertion, enhanced cardiorespiratory endurance, and increased quality of life in participants, as compared to the placebo group.
    • The findings indicated that this unique form of Ashwagandha root improves how well the body takes in and utilizes oxygen in healthy athletic adults.*

    Other clinical studies on KSM-66® Ashwagandha have shown it delivers other impressive benefits for your mind and body, including:

    • Reduction in feelings of stress, lower cortisol levels, and curbing stress-related food cravings*
    • Support for memory recall and cognitive function*
    • Support for endurance, strength, muscle size, and muscle recovery rate*

    That is why every serving of Vital Rejuvenator™ contains 600 mg of KSM-66® — The Best-In-Class Ashwagandha!

    Organic Superfoods for a Supercharged You

    Just 2 daily vegetarian capsules of Vital Rejuvenator™ combines the clinical power of KSM-66® with the mind and body benefits of a quartet of super-berries:

    Organic Schisandra

    A legendary adaptogen, Schisandra has been a staple in herbal medical practices throughout the world. for over 2,000 years to support many areas of health and well-being.*

    Multiple modern clinical studies have confirmed the efficacy of this adaptogen for a variety of benefits:

    • Promotes energy along with mental and physical performance*
    • Provides antioxidant defense*
    • Helps to fight occasional minor fatigue*
    Vital Rejuvenator Active Couple


    Organic Blueberry

    America's favorite "brain berry" contains powerful phytonutrients known as anthocyanins. These anthocyanins act as antioxidants that protect the cells and tissues in your body from oxidative stress caused by free radicals.* Clinical research has discovered that blueberries can play an essential role in promoting healthy cognitive function across nearly all age ranges.*

    Organic Pomegranate

    Pomegranates are an antioxidant powerhouse that have gained popularity due to its antioxidant defense and role in cardiovascular health.*

    Organic Cranberry

    Women often turn to cranberries to promote urinary tract health — but recent research shows that the antioxidant power of cranberry also promotes healthy cardiovascular function.*

    To achieve the highest standard in specifications of finished product, our manufacturer adheres to the highest quality control measures, including:

    • NPA GMP certification
    • Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to comply with Current Good Manufacturing
    • Practices (cGMP) ensuring consistent quality
    • Certificates of Analysis available
    • Registered with the FDA as a food manufacturer in accordance with the Bioterrorism Act
    • UL Certificate of Conformance - GMP and Quality Systems
    • Foreign site registration with Health Canada
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