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    • Serene Foam® Technology for Superior Comfort and Support
    • Comfort Flow Dual Surface Technology: one side for warm weather, one side for cool weather
    • Measures 40 in x 30 in x 4 in: perfect for pets up to 80 lbs
    • FREE Bottle of H.A. Canine™ with your purchase

  • Introducing Something Special for Our 4-Legged Friends!
    Dr. Anne’s OrthoComfy Pet Bed
    Plus: A FREE Bottle of H.A. Canine

    At Purity Products® we love our pets as much as you love yours! That’s why we are happy to introduce Dr. Anne’s OrthoComfy Pet Bed — a truly luxurious sleep and rest experience for our furry friends!

    Dr. Anne’s OrthoComfy Pet Bed combines two revolutionary technologies to provide superior comfort that might make you want to curl up next to your pet instead of going to your own bed.

    Advanced Technology for Superior Comfort

    At the heart of Dr. Anne’s OrthoComfy Pet Bed is Serene Foam®, the next generation in mattress comfort. Serene Foam® is not memory foam—it’s something far greater. Using Supportive Air Technology to infuse millions of individual “air cells” into the core, Serene Foam provides a shock absorbing cushion for your pet.

    Here are 5 Key Benefits you won’t find in regular Pet Beds that make the OrthoComfy Pet Bed so special:

    1. Serene Foam: This new technology foam supersedes the attributes of old-fashioned memory foam due to its open-cell, breathable composition.
    2. Supportive Air Technology: Reduces Motion Transfer with microscopic air capsules to minimize pressure points for your pet.
    3. Superior Pressure Relief: Up to 4X more pressure point relief vs memory foam as seen on pressure mapping tests, creating more comfort.
    4. Higher Durability: Our foam is tested to be extremely durable and holds up better then lower density foams.
    5. Temperature Regulating: Releases body heat faster than traditional memory foam, so your pet sleeps at a more comfortable temperature.

    Speaking of Temperature...

    Dr. Anne’s OrthoComfy Pet Bed is wrapped in a special Comfort Flow Dual Surface Cover. This 2-sided cover has one side that is an insulated self-warming mylar for use during cold weather and a cool technology side for warm weather. And no, you don’t have to remove the cover to switch sides; simply just flip the bed!

    Plus, the Comfort Flow Dual Surface cover is easily removed and is machine washable!

    But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

    So, how did Dr. Anne’s OrthoComfy Pet Bed come to be part of Purity Products®? Well, that’s a tale of love and triumph best told by Dr. Anne herself...

    How Serendipity + Science Created Dr. Anne’s OrthoComfy Pet Bed

    It should have been obvious to me that pets need beds that are as comfortable as ours. However, despite being the proud mom of two dogs, and a practicing veterinarian for more than 20 years, I was never concerned about the quality of bed I bought my dogs. But when my Goldendoodle—Duncan—started limping, it occurred to me that he needed more than medicine to ease his pain.

    When Duncan’s knee gave out, I tried everything: I massaged his muscles, administered NSAID pain relievers, and started him on the joint supporting nutraceutical H.A. Canine (I take the human version - H.A. Joint and I’ve had amazing results). These remedies helped, but Duncan’s pain continued to become more chronic. Eventually, I took him to get X-rays. There was a slight swelling in the joint space of the left knee, suggestive of a tear in his cranial cruciate ligament. This is an injury that almost always requires a surgical fix, which is always a last resort.

    Duncan Just Wasn’t Himself

    The alternative solution was to try to reduce the chance of further injury. So, I began to observe Duncan’s behavior in order to understand what actions might hurt his knee more. I learned that most of the trauma probably occurred when visitors came to the front door—he would be sleeping on the hard-wood floor, and when a visitor arrived, he’d spontaneously spring into action, using his nails to grip the ground and quickly force his body up.

    When You’re 80 Pounds, You Need Serious Support

    At close to 80 lbs, and with his long, stringy poodle legs, this clearly caused a lot of strain. And that’s when it hit me: Duncan needed something to lay on that would be both easy on his joints and easy to jump up on without sliding. He needed a high-quality bed. A bed as nice as mine or my kids'.

    I went to the local pet supply store, but I couldn’t find anything that met the quality I had imagined. Then I began my internet search. I searched for orthopedic dog beds and different kinds of high-quality memory foams. I came across Serene Foam® technology. Serene is the most advanced foam on the market. It is temperature regulating and it has Comfort Flow technology...but it wasn’t available in a dog bed. I requested a sample from the manufacturer, and it was exactly the type of premium quality I was hoping for. My dogs took to it immediately. The soft surface relieved their joint pain by cradling their pressure points, and the two of them fought to lay on it. I took the sample to work and the dogs in the office loved it too. All kinds of dogs tried to squeeze on the bed together. Sara the mastiff was the funniest: at 110 lbs, she tried to share the bed with Tex the bulldog (Tex was fine with sharing, but he wasn’t moving). My clients all said they loved it and love the quality. The orthopedic surgeon said it was ideal for patient recovery. I knew I was onto something.

    I’m a Vet, Not a Manufacturer...

    But I’m a vet, not a mattress manufacturer. I had no idea how to even get started making these beds for the public. That’s when I serendipitously ran into Jahn Levin, the owner of Purity Products® and the maker of the H.A. Canine and H.A. Joint supplements Duncan and I use. Jahn and I went to high school together, and after 30 years, we ran into each other at a charity event. I told him that I buy his H.A. formulas and that I recommend them to my clients. As the conversation progressed, I told him about my pet bed and that I was hoping to sell it. He was intrigued and asked to see the bed himself. After taking it home and having his own dogs test it, he was sold. Jahn made me an offer to go into business together. He would help me distribute the bed, and he would give away a free bottle of H.A. Canine with each purchase to make it a better value for the customer. Wait, what? Did serendipity just make my dream a reality?

    I am so thrilled to introduce my pet bed, Dr. Anne’s OrthoComfy Pet Bed, to the world. It is truly the world’s greatest pet bed, and I am so grateful to Jahn Levin for helping me get it out into the world.

    Get A FREE Bottle of H.A. Canine

    And now, when you order Dr. Anne’s OrthoComfy Pet Bed, we’ll send you a FREE bottle of H.A. Canine as our gift to you and your pet! This amazing formula features 500 mg of BioCell Collagen® (the same active ingredient in our H.A. Joint formula for people). H.A. is the crucial space-filling, hydrating, substance found in our connective tissues.* This important gel-like substance, which plays an important role in supporting joint health, often diminishes as a result of normal aging. H.A. Canine Hyaluronic Acid Hip & Joint Formula offers an easy and safe way to replenish your dog’s joints with Hyaluronic Acid, widely known as the "Molecule of Youth".*