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It's Organic Juicing Made Simple!

OJC® - Organic Juice Cleanse™ Promotes Your Health - Saves Time & Money

Millions of Americans have discovered "juicing" as an easy way to boost their health.  Juicing revitalizes; it can help you stay trim, fit, healthy and energized.  But juicing can be a mess and a fuss, and juicing can cost a small fortune.

Now there's a simple shortcut -- Purity's OJC® -- Organic Juice Cleanse™ - Blueberry Detox. It's Organic Juicing Made Simple! Unleash the power of nature with OJC® and take your health to the next level.


OJC® - Organic Juice Cleanse™ is... Juicing Without the Hassle!


It's no secret that organic juicing can help you take control of your health, energy, vitality and well-being. But let’s face it—juicing every day is a hefty commitment. Consider all the shopping, storing, washing, blending and cleaning that goes into juicing your own fresh produce. Not to mention the expense, the time, and space required when you own your own juicer. That’s why we invented our Organic Juice Cleanse™ (OJC®): a nutrient-rich, powdered fruits and berries beverage that is a convenient alternative to expensive fresh-pressed juice.

The first of its kind, our Organic Juice Cleanse™ is packed with delicious fruits, berries and organic fiber. We start with fresh, ripe organic produce in every hue. We freeze-dry the ingredients, locking in beneficial phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, and then grind them into a fine powder.

Only 25 calories per serving, our Organic Juice Cleanse™ is a simple way to incorporate juicing into your routine and help fill in those gaping potholes in your diet.


A Powerhouse of Beneficial Nutrients - Only 25 Calories!

A blend of the best freeze-dried fruits and berries along with flaxseed and probiotics, Organic Juice Cleanse™ is full of:

Phytonutrients: Phytonutrients are chemicals that occur naturally in fruits and vegetables, often lending a distinctive color, smell, or taste. Many phytonutrients support vital bodily processes and can promote health and well-being.*

Antioxidants: Antioxidants are molecules that inhibit the oxidation of other molecules. In the body, antioxidants can protect cells by bonding with and neutralizing toxic free radicals.*

Flax & Fiber: Psyllium husk, acacia gum and flax seed supply fiber to enhance satiety, promote regularity and support already normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels.*

Certified Organic Juice Cleanse™ includes:

  • Organic Blackberries
  • Organic Psyllium Husk
  • Organic Acacia Fiber
  • Organic Raspberries
  • Organic Cranberries
  • Organic Strawberries
  • Organic Pomegranates
  • Organic Acai Berries
  • Organic Bananas
  • Organic Flax Seed
  • Organic Apples

Click here for a complete list of ingredients.

Great Tasting Organic Juicing for Less... up to 90% Less!

Everybody likes to save money. The daily cost of OJC®: Organic Juice Cleanse™ is up to 90% less than that of pre packaged cold pressed juices. Other juice cleanses can cost as much as $250 for just a 5 day supply. OJC® packs in organic goodness, quality and value into every scoop.

OJC® Supports Holistic Health

Energy Levels: Drinking OJC® - Blueberry Detox provides you with a concentrated supply of nutrients that you can’t easily get if your diet isn't otherwise rich in fruits and berries.*

Digestion: Providing soluble and insoluble fiber, OJC® - Blueberry Detox can help you feel fuller longer, while at the same time supporting regularity, colon health and proper elimination.*

Heart Function: The super fruits and berries in OJC® - Blueberry Detox are endowed by Nature with special phytonutrients called "anthocyanins." Anthocyanins function as antioxidants in the body and support cardiovascular health.*

Immune Function: Berries and fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help support your body’s immune health.*

Your Simple Shortcut. Today You Can Get Started for Free!

Our OJC®: Organic Juice Cleanse™ is:

  • Convenient: Just add one 10 gram scoop (about one heaping tablespoon) of OJC® to your beverage of choice, and you’re ready to get juicing.
  • Affordable: Your first sample bottle is free! And if you like it, The Organic Juice Cleanse™ costs about a dollar a day — that’s 1/10th of the cost of traditional juicing or buying it at the store.
  • Healthy: Packed with valuable nutrients, our Organic Juice Cleanse™ is packed with healthy phyto-nutrients, antioxidants and dietary fiber.

Multifunctional Fiber - with 4 grams of Organic Psyllium Fiber

In addition to organic psyllium husk, Purity's Organic Fiber Matrix contains four added sources of organic fiber: organic flaxseed, organic apple peel fiber, organic guar gum and organic gum acacia.

Health Benefits of Fiber:

  • Optimal Fiber intake promotes intestinal regularity and supports stool consistency.*
  • It can also support normal transit time and maintain normal bowel movements.*
  • The intake of soluble fiber as a part of a healthy diet has also been shown to help promote healthy weight management.*
  • Promotes healthy regularity and healthy detoxification*

Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams of soluble fiber per day from psyllium husk may reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of OJC® - Blueberry Detox provides 4 grams of this soluble fiber.

A Powerhouse of Beneficial Nutrients - Only 25 Calories!

You're going to love the convenience of the Organic Juice Cleanse™. If you’re ready to experience energy, vitality, healthy digestive and immune function, and a newfound sense of wellness, try a FREE 25 day supply of our Organic Juice Cleanse™ today.

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