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  • Fat Loss Amplifier
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    • Promotes a Lean & Trim Body*
    • Supports Fat & Carb Metabolism*
    • Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry Ketone and Capsimax

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  • Features and Benefits

    Fat Loss Amplifier™... The Best of Both Worlds

    Fat Loss Amplifier™ is an elite, new supplement that helps maintain a healthy body weight by supporting efficient metabolism of fat.* Fat Loss Amplifier™ combines three fat-burning ingredients-Svetol®Green Coffee bean extract, Razberi-K™ Raspberry Ketone and Capsimax™ Capsicum Fruit Extract to promote lean body mass.*

    Green Coffee Bean!

    Svetol® is a proprietary decaffeinated green coffee bean extract that features a profile of active components called "chlorogenic acids," found in a number of commonly consumed foods, chlorogenic acids exhibit health benefits. Scientific studies, in both animals and humans, have confirmed the effects of green coffee bean extract—and chlorogenic acids specifically— on fat metabolism.* Chlorogenic acids appear to support the body’s ability to turn fat into energy.

    The Raspberry Ketone Metabolic Enhancer

    Featured on major network television, raspberry ketones are gaining rapid attention in the scientific world as aid to support healthy weight control. Razberi-K™ contains one particular raspberry ketone that may support a healthy body weight.

    The Capsimax Difference

    Fat Loss Amplifier also includes Capsimax™, a proprietary ingredient that delivers a patent-pending form of concentrated capsicum extract (from red hot peppers). Research demonstrates that this product, when combined with exercise, can burn more calories than exercise alone*.

    • Clinically researched ingredients - Green Coffee Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketones
    • Promotes a lean body and healthy body weight*
    • Helps the body maintain a toned appearance*
    • Supports the conversion of fatty acids to metabolic energy*
    • Supports a Healthy Metabolism*
    • Supports Healthy Energy Levels*

    Quality Assurance
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