3-Daxin Superfood - 60 Veggie Caps
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  • 3-Daxin™ Superfood - 60 Veggie Caps
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    • Powerful Support for Healthy Aging at a Cellular Level*
    • Promotes Neurocognitive Function and Promotes Mental Focus & Clarity*
    • Promotes Healthy Immune Response, Cytokine Balance, and Microbiome Integrity*

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    What It Is:

    Discovered by a leading biologist, this 1 in 2 million natural variety of elite Red Sorghum provides unrivaled support for healthy cell aging at the molecular level.* Combined with clinically studied Astaxanthin, 3-Daxin™ ProClinical promotes brain health, immune system & cytokine harmony, energy & vitality, microbiome integrity, and more.*

    Why It’s Special:

    3-Daxin™ ProClinical is a breakthrough formula built around an exclusive plant cultivated in Kentucky. It achieves its amazing healthy aging benefits through 3 modes of action: reducing cellular oxidative stress, triggering defensive immune response, and calming & balancing cytokine levels.*

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    The 1 in 2 Million Superfood That Will Change How You Think About Healthy Aging...

    "Healthy Aging" is the catchall phrase for trying to slow down the inevitable.

    But what if there really was a way to get ahead of the aging curve?

    A way that promoted healthy aging at a cellular level — in your immune system, brain, heart, lungs, skin, muscles, digestive tract... and the rest of your microbiome?

    Now there is!

    It's called 3-Daxin Superfood, the elite Red Sorghum + Astaxanthin Complex created from a superfood you never knew existed — because up until 2009, it didn't.

    That's not to say the Red Sorghum in 3-Daxin Superfood was invented in a lab. Quite the contrary, it was discovered by renowned plant biologist Seth DeBolt in the fields of Kentucky, where in a sea of ordinary green sorghum he came across a variety of plant that nature had not produced before.

    3-Daxin Superfood Red Leaf Field

    The Miracle of 3-Daxin

    For the past decade, Dr. Seth DeBolt and his team of agriculture specialists at the University of Kentucky have been cultivating this 1 in 2 million chance of nature, coaxing out of this amazing red plant an extract that is so rich in polyphenols that we are still learning all the significant biological benefits it can produce.

    3-Daxin Superfood Dr. DeBolt
    3-Daxin Superfood Pathways

    More Power Than Resveratrol... The Amazing Benefits of 3‑Daxin ProClinical

    The never-before seen power of 3-Daxin Superfood stems from the unique structure of Dr. DeBolt's Red Sorghum. Inside this one extract are several polyphenols — some of which you are familiar with like Quercetin, Luteolin, and Ferulic Acid — and many that are found here in higher concentrations than most other sources.

    Each of the polyphenols inside 3-Daxin Superfood are benefit-rich antioxidants on their own — but here is a case where the sum is vastly greater than the parts.

    Plus, we infuse 3-Daxin Superfood with a 4 mg clinically studied dose of AstaReal® Astaxanthin, the antioxidant that is 6,000-times more powerful than Vitamin C.∞

    Antioxidants are vital to your health. Their primary function is to defend your cells and tissues against oxidative stress.


    3-Daxin Superfood Graph
    3-Daxin Superfood Graph

    Research on these antioxidants show they produce specific benefits — and we've put together a list of the Top 5 — each of which contains a wide variety of secondary benefits as well.

    Healthy Aging
    3-Daxin Superfood works at the cellular level to provide antioxidant protection against oxidative stress.* The defense of your cells is vital for:
    • Cardiovascular Health*
    • Energy Levels*
    • Skin Health*
    • Muscle Response & Physical Performance*
    • Visual Acuity and more*
    Study shows that the Red Sorghum in 3-Daxin Superfood alerts your cells that oxidative stress is rising so they can put their own natural defenses to work.*
    Neurocognitive Function
    The human brain is a complex organ that depends on a wide variety of unique cells, neurons, and chemical interactions. The constituents within 3-Daxin Superfood — especially Quercetin, Myricetin, and Luteolin — have been shown to:
    • Promote Blood Circulation within the brain*
    • Support Memory Formation*
    • Stimulate Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)*
    • Support Mental Focus*
    Immune Response
    Antioxidants and immune system health have long been related. 3-Daxin Superfood takes your immune system to the next level with support for:
    • Upper Respiratory & Lung Health*
    • T-Cell stimulation*
    • Positive Modulation of Immune Activity*
    Cytokine Balance
    Keeping your body's cytokine levels in balance may be a new concept in the public's mind, but science has long known the importance of these proteins when it comes to cell-to-cell communication. Think of cytokines as your body's "first responders."

    And while they play a vital role in immune response, 3-Daxin Superfood's unique ability to positively effect ever-changing cytokine levels throughout the body make them important to examine on their own.*
    Microbiome Integrity
    While the first thing most people think of when they hear the word "microbiome" is their digestive system, it really refers to the living dynamic environment that runs throughout your body, including your skin. Research shows that the Red Sorghum component of 3-Daxin Superfood:
    • Stimulates the natural probiotics and other microflora throughout your body*
    • Promotes Intestinal Health*
    • Supports Digestive Comfort*
    • Plays a vital role in the unique relationship along the Gut-Brain Axis*

    Why Did We Create The "Astaxanthin Advantage" in Our 3‑Daxin ProClinical Formula?

    On its own, the Red Sorghum extract in 3-Daxin Superfood is extremely impressive. However, we take things to the next level by infusing the matrix with a clinically studied 4 mg dose of AstaReal® Astaxanthin.

    Dark red in nature, Astaxanthin belongs to the carotene family of phytonutrients and is found in several forms of wildlife. This powerful antioxidant is used by nature to protect plants, fruits, and vegetables from oxidation. Astaxanthin even gives salmon the strength to swim thousands of miles upstream! And Astaxanthin is the ultimate complement to our 3-Daxin Superfood formula rich in Red Sorghum.

    Numerous studies reveal that Astaxanthin is 6,000X more powerful than Vitamin C when it comes to quenching the oxidative activity of "singlet oxygen" free radicals.*∞ This equates to a long list of benefits, including support for:

    • Antioxidant Defense*
    • Normal Immune Function*
    • Healthy Aging*
    • Healthy Skin & Skin Hydration*
    • Cardiovascular Function*
    • Cellular Health*
    • Healthy Microcirculation*
    • Energy & Muscle Endurance*
    • Visual Health, including relief from minor occasional eye fatigue caused by computer use*

    ∞ - As per Singlet Oxygen Quenching Activity

    3-Daxin Superfood Couple