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  • Purity's Muscle Accelerator
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    • Promotes Muscle Strength and Boosts Muscle Size*
    • Clinically Tested for Male Muscle Growth
    • Results in As Little As 14 Days When Combined with Muscle Building Exercise

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    A Plant-Based, Healthy Solution to Boost Muscle Gains

    You’ve heard of the benefits of exercise – how it can help you gain strength, boost energy and endurance, and make you look great. But let’s face facts: if your goal is to build muscle, then your primary option is to hit the weights. But even then, some men hit the wall — they max out in size, definition, and strength.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way...

    Now men can rev their engines and kick that workout routine into a new gear with Purity’s Muscle Accelerator! This strength-boosting formula features 650 mg of RipFACTOR®, the powerful formula that promotes strength, endurance, nitric oxide production, and muscle mass.* RipFACTOR® consists of two concentrated, clinically studied botanicals — East Indian Globe Thistle and Mango Tree Bark — to accelerate muscle strength, size, and endurance in as little as 14 days when combined with a strength-building workout routine.

    Just look at the results you can get from this patented and clinically tested formula†:

    • 2X Greater Improvement in Muscle Endurance
    • 4X Greater Improvement in Muscle Size
    • 5.6X Greater Improvement in Upper Body Strength
    • 5X Greater Improvement in Lower Body Strength
    Muscle Accelerator Flexing Man

    Modern Science Improves on Ancient Wisdom

    Purity’s Muscle Accelerator is a breakthrough blend of extracts from two well-known botanicals from the Ayurvedic tradition. The development of this complex involved screening over 2,000 botanicals for their ability to promote optimal strength, endurance and muscle gains*. So, out of the 2,000 botanicals tested, we zeroed in on the 2 best. And it’s the unique, patented combination of these two extracts that gives Muscle Accelerator its power.

    • East Indian Globe Thistle (Sphaeranthus indicus) – This time-tested botanical consists of flower heads used to promote physical performance, rejuvenation, and longevity.*
    • Mango Tree Bark (Mangifera indica) – The bark of the tree has multiple uses in modern nutritional practices including supporting circulatory system health.*

    But when they are put together in the balanced combination found in Purity’s Muscle Accelerator, their true power is unlocked for building muscle and increasing strength.*

    Muscle Accelerator Ingredients

    Multiple Pathways to Promote Strength, Endurance, & Muscle Growth*

    The power of Purity’s Muscle Accelerator is its ability to act on your body in a number of different ways related to endurance, strength, and muscle growth. Clinical studies in men showed that the active ingredients in Purity’s Muscle Accelerator provide:

    • Activation of mTOR – the key regulator of skeletal muscle mass
    • Enhanced protein synthesis and muscle cell growth
    • Inhibition of protein degradation & muscle breakdown
    • Enhanced nitric oxide generation, increasing blood flow and fueling muscle energy and endurance

    A June 2019 study involving the unique combination of ingredients in Purity’s Muscle Accelerator looked to discover their muscle endurance and strengthening capacity. The study reported a significant improvement in muscle endurance and strength beginning at day 14 with the numbers increasing from there.* By day 56, participants saw up to 4X greater improvement in muscle size compared to the placebo group!*

    Muscle Accelerator Fit Man

    Plus, there were significant gains in muscle endurance, upper body strength, and lower body strength when compared to the placebo group.* The results were clear: the active ingredients in Purity’s Muscle Accelerator turned men into beasts!

    These results were then confirmed in a second clinical study. Here, participants using the active ingredients in Purity Muscle Accelerator again saw improvements in muscle size and muscle endurance in as little as 14 days.* And after 60 days, they experienced increased lean body mass, lower body fat, and even a bump in free testosterone.*

    † - You may be wondering why we say that Purity’s Muscle Accelerator is for men and not for both men and women. That’s because the 2 clinical studies were done with men only — so we only want to talk about clinically validated results. But don’t worry – studies are being conducted with women in the future, and when those results are in, we’ll update everyone!

    Muscle Accelerator Chart
    Muscle Accelerator Chart