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  • Muscle Accelerator Creatine Boost - Ultra-Performance Formula - 2 Pack
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    • Boosts Muscle Size and Strength*
    • Supports Energy, Endurance, Mental Performance and More*
    • See Results in as few as 14 Days

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    What It Is:

    Combines the award winning Muscle Accelerator (TorForce®) Matrix with Creapure® Creatine to deliver muscle size and strength-boosting benefits in just 14 days.*

    Why It’s Special:

    Go beyond ordinary workout formulas with clinically studied ingredients that fuel your workout, boosts your strength, focuses your brain, and helps you pack on lean muscle fast.*

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    Men: what if you could be stronger in just 14 days?1
    What if you could see accelerated muscle growth and more lean muscle mass?
    What if you were more physically toned and mentally sharp?
    What would you look like in the mirror?
    How would your friends and family celebrate your incredible transformation?

    Welcome to a new lease on strength, energy, endurance — an incredible increase in physical and mental performance — thanks to Muscle Accelerator Booster.*

    Packed with the patented and clinically studied Muscle Accelerator Matrix (TorForce®) — and amplified by the power of 3 grams of CreatineMuscle Accelerator Booster is poised to help you elevate your workouts and take your game two steps beyond the next level.

    Man Lifting Weights
    Muscle Accelerator Booster SlipTech Technology

    Plus, we wrapped Muscle Accelerator Booster in an amazing new easy-to-swallow technology called SlipTech Clean Finish. With SlipTech, there are no harsh edges, and the tablet becomes slippery when taken with liquid. This is one great innovation in nutritional supplement manufacturing!

    An Award-Winning Matrix For Accelerated Muscle Gains

    At the heart of Muscle Accelerator Booster is the Muscle Accelerator Matrix. Researchers screened 2,000 botanicals for their ability to promote optimal strength, endurance, and muscle building. And out of all the candidates, we zeroed in a combination of two:

    • East Indian Globe Thistle (Sphaeranthus indicus) - A time-tested botanical that promotes physical performance, rejuvenation, and longevity.*
    • Mango Tree Bark (Mangifera indica) - Used in modern nutritional practices to support circulatory system health.*

    Separately, neither of these venerated plants are associated with sports nutrition. But together, scientists discovered that they become so much more. In fact, judges at the 2020 Nutrition Industry Executives Awards granted the Muscle Accelerator Matrix (TorForce®) Top Sports Nutrition Recognition and called it a "One-Size-Fits-All Muscle Solution."

    Improvement Bicep Chart

    And why wouldn't they? After all, look at the results of 2 double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies (male subjects age 20-40 / inexperienced exercisers) who were on the Muscle Accelerator Matrix:

    • Up to 2X Greater Improvement in Muscle Endurance*
    • Up to 4X Greater Improvement in Muscle Size*
    • Up to 5.6X Greater Improvement in Upper Body Strength*
    • Up to 5X Greater Improvement in Lower Body Strength*

    Plus — to top it off — the results were apparent after just 14 days and the benefits kept building from there!

    So, how does the Muscle Accelerator Matrix work?
    The power of the patented Matrix is its ability to act on your body in a number of different ways related to endurance, strength, and muscle growth. Clinical studies in men showed that the active ingredients in Purity's Muscle Accelerator provide:

    • Activation of mTOR - the key regulator of skeletal muscle mass*
    • Enhanced protein synthesis and muscle cell growth*
    • Inhibition of protein degradation & muscle breakdown*
    • Enhanced nitric oxide generation, increasing blood flow and fueling muscle energy and endurance*
    Muscle Accelerator Chart
    Muscle Accelerator Chart

    Power Up Your Muscle and Your Brain

    Muscle Accelerator Booster takes your physical and mental performance to the next level with Creatine — an elite creatine prized by athletes around the globe.

    Creatine is one of the most studied supplements in sports nutrition with over 300 clinical studies examining its ability to build muscle size and promote strength.

    Creatine is naturally present in your body, where it acts as an "energy converter," transforming stored energy into useful energy (biologically speaking, it converts adenosine diphosphate {ADP} into adenosine triphosphate {ATP}).

    However, natural supplies of in-body Creatine decline as we age. Supplementing with Creatine helps provide your muscle cells with ATP. More ATP equals more energy, delayed fatigue, and better endurance.* Creatine also hydrates muscle cells with water, promoting muscle fiber growth.* The bottom line is that Creatine supplementation is an effective nutritional way to fuel your muscles.*

    And emerging research now shows that Creatine also promotes healthy cognitive function and brain power too.* Think of Creatine as a battery charger for your muscles and your mind!

    Muscle Accelerator Booster
    Muscle Accelerator Booster

    1 - You may be wondering why we say that Purity's Muscle Accelerator Creatine Booster is for men and not for both men and women. That's because the 2 clinical studies on the Muscle Accelerator Matrix (TorForce®) were done with men only — so we only want to talk about those clinically validated results. There are clinical studies on Creatine use that look at results for both men and women — and there is nothing in this formula that cannot be used by women. However, we wanted to be accurate to the data and not present the results without full disclosure.