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  • Women's Multi OmegaBerry® Pack
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    • 2 Powerful Formulas Optimized For Women’s Health
    • Comprehensive Support for Bone Strength, Heart Health, and Hair, Skin & Nails *
    • Promotes Immune Function, Urinary Tract Health, Positive Mood, and More*

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    What It Is:

    Our elite Women’s Perfect Multi® and cutting-edge OmegaBerry® in one convenient kit at a discount price.

    Why It’s Special:

    Women’s Multi OmegaBerry® Pack™ is a special combination of two advanced formulas that support multiple key areas and target the unique health requirements of a woman, including urinary tract health, bine strength, skin health, and more.*

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    Reach A New Level in Women’s Nutritional Health

    Let’s face it — ordinary multivitamins are not designed to meet a woman’s unique needs. And even some formulas that are specifically targeted at woman can fall short. Sometimes it’s a matter of putting flash over substance. Other times, it can be for practical reasons, like how some ingredients can make the pills too bulky and hard to swallow.

    That’s why we’ve put together the Women’s Multi OmegaBerry® Pack! This combination of two of Purity’s most advanced formulas targets the areas that women are most concerned about these days:

    • Bone Strength
    • Joint & Muscle Comfort
    • Urinary Tract Health
    • Immune System Response
    • Heart Health
    • Hair, Skin & Nails
    • Digestive Comfort
    • Positive Mood

    Plus, by combining our elite Women’s Perfect Multi® and our cutting-edge OmegaBerry® omega-3 formulas into one convenient kit, you get head-to-toe support that other multivitamins and omega-3 products can only dream of!

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    Women’s Perfect Multi®
    The Right Ingredients for Women of All Ages

    Are you ready to experience a new level of optimized health? Millions of women are tired of swallowing outdated multivitamins that don’t take their unique needs into account. Sure, those old formulas may say “Women’s Multi” on the label, but do they really follow the science of women’s health? The new frontier of nutritional science paves the way for innovative technologies that address key aspects of a woman’s health that go beyond the ingredients found in a typical Multi.

    And that new science is all here in Women’s Perfect Multi®

    Beyond the cornerstone vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B-Vitamins, and Zinc for cardiovascular health, brain function, immune defense and general wellness, Purity’s Women’s Perfect Multi® delivers targeted nutritional technologies to help you transform your health.

    FloraGLO® Lutein
    A patented and clinically studied botanical that delivers support for hydrated, elastic skin as well as sharper brain function and essential vision health.*
    Cranberry Extract
    The must-have ingredient for supporting daily urinary tract health.*
    The powerhouse antioxidant that promotes healthy aging and supports hormone balance.*
    Magnesium Citrate & Calcium Citrate
    An incredible duo for bone & muscle health along with mood support.*
    ProDURA® Probiotic
    The probiotic designed to survive the harsh environment of your stomach to deliver healthy gut function, microbiome integrity, and nutrient absorption.*
    MecobalActive® B12
    The clinically studied active form of methylcobalamin that delivers a shot of energy support to power you through your day.*
    Womens Perfect Multi Bottle
    Women's Perfect Mulit Sliptech

    And to make your experience with Women’s Perfect Multi® even more powerful, we wrap each tablet in an amazing new easy-to-swallow technology called SlipTech Clean-Coat Finish. With SlipTech, each Women’s Perfect Multi® smoothly glides down your throat without any harsh edges. This is one great innovation in nutritional supplement manufacturing!

    • 1250mg
    • Omega-3's
    • 1000IU
    • Vitamin D3
    • 30mg
    • Organic Acai
    • 20mg
    • Super Fruit Berry Blend

    Healthy Aging & Mood Support Powered By Nature

    When you think of fish oil, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It is probably the omega-3 fatty acids — EPA, DHA, and DPA. After all, omega-3s are what researchers believe to be a large part of the health benefits of fish consumption. As a result, this is where ordinary fish oil products draw the line. But in today’s world, ordinary, “one-dimensional” omega-3 formulas just seem outdated.

    That’s why we created OmegaBerry® — a multidimensional fish oil formula that combines omega-3 fish oil with Vitamin D3, organic acai, a blend of super fruits, and more!

    Here’s what’s inside this amazing formula:

    • 1250 mg of super concentrated, ultra-pure Omega-3s: This includes 650 mg of EPA, 500 mg of DHA, and 80 mg of DPA to promote cardiovascular function, along with joint comfort and flexibility.*
    • 1000 IU of Vitamin D3: To promote immune system response, heart health, joint comfort, brain function, and positive mood.*
    • 30 mg of Organic Acai: A Brazilian super fruit that delivers antioxidant protection for the cells and tissues in your body.*
    • 20 mg of a Super Fruit Berry Blend: Includes wild bilberry, blackberry, cranberry, grape, pomegranate, and more to promote heart health, brain function, and healthy energy levels.*
    Womens Multi Omega Berry Info Graphic

    And, while omega-3 gets a lot of attention for how it promotes heart health, new clinical research shows how the EPA in fish oil supports a positive mood.*

    Scientists in Japan monitored blood levels of EPA in 140 women who work as nurses (talk about a high pressure job!) and surveyed their mood — and they discovered that higher blood concentrations of EPA correlated with great levels of happiness and fulfillment.1

    Now, how’s that for a pick me up?

    So, as you can see, you could take an ordinary multi — and maybe an ordinary fish oil capsule… But why would you when you can go beyond the ordinary and enjoy vibrant daily women’s health with the Women’s Multi OmegaBerry® Pack!

    1 – https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/12/11/3462/htm