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  • Ultimate Menopause Relief
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    • Support for Before, During & After Menopause*
    • Improves Energy Levels, Vitality, Wellness and Mood*
    • Estrogen-Free, Hormone-Free, Soy-Free

  • Created for Women Like You

    A woman’s unique body chemistry changes with time, which means so do the nutritional requirements for staying vibrant, vital, and in balance. Ultimate Menopause Relief is scientifically formulated to help you maintain your energy levels and a positive mood as you enter menopause and go through the biological changes that will occur in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.* This innovative formula combines essential plant-based nutrients with a patented, clinically studied ingredient shown to manage mild conditions associated with menopause.* Plus, Ultimate Menopause Relief is rich in co-factors that help support strong bones along with healthy hair, skin, and nails.*

    Clinically Studied Botanicals for Menopause Support*

    At the heart of Ultimate Menopause Relief is EstroG-100, a clinically studied proprietary blend of plants — each with their own rich history as herbal tonics used for thousands of years in Southeast Asia.

    • Phlomis umbrosa – Used in China for personal detoxification*
    • Cynanchum wilfordii – Prized throughout Asia for its healthy aging properties*
    • Angelica gigas Nakai - A Korean plant valued for promoting circulatory health*

    The Vitality-Boosting Support of EstroG-100

    When formed together as EstroG-100, these plants have shown remarkable properties for women’s health. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, EstroG-100 significantly improved normal menopausal symptoms including:

    • Hot flashes, night sweats, dizzy spells, occasional sleeplessness and nervousness.
    • Fatigue, vaginal dryness, tingling ("pins and needles"), and gloomy emotions.
    • Plus, EstroG-100 did this without changing measured hormone levels and without any side effects throughout the 12-week study!

    Enhanced for Beauty, Mood, and More

    Ultimate Menopause Relief takes healthy feminine aging to the next level with key additional nutritional co-factors that target multiple areas of need.

    • Vitamin D – Essential for strong bones, along with providing support for heart health and muscle function*
    • Magnesium – Provided as highly absorbable magnesium citrate to promote bone mineralization, restful sleep, and calm mood*
    • Biotin – The premier B-Vitamin for healthy hair, skin, and nails while also providing support for healthy energy levels and nervous system health*
    • Silica – Known as a beautifying mineral, Silica helps with hormone balance to provide support for healthy skin tone, while also supporting joint comfort through its positive effects on your connective tissue*

    When you put it all together, Ultimate Menopause Relief is the nutritional way to support your body and mind through the changes of life that you can rely on every day.*


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    • 1 out of 5
    • menopause relief
    • this product is totally misleading. I have been taking it for over 60 days now and it has not done anything at all. I did not return them before the 60 days because I was hoping they would start working. But no they did not. not worth it.