Men's Health Supplements from Purity Products
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Nutritional Supplements Specially for Men's Health

  • As men age, taking care of their prostate health becomes increasingly important. Ultimate Prostate Formula™ delivers comprehensive support for a healthy prostate.*
    • Support the Health of the Prostate*
    • Maintain Healthy Prostate Function*
    • Support Bladder Health and Already Normal Urine Flow*
  • Our Super Citrulline - Circulation Support Formula adds an innovative method to further support your quest in maintaining cardiovascular wellness.
    • Supports Healthy Circulation and Blood Vessel Health*
    • Promotes Healthy Energy and Vitality*
    • Previously called Nitric Oxide Support Formula
  • Advanced Triple Action Support for Prostate Health and Function*
    • Support Healthy Prostate Function*
    • Maintain Normal Urinary Flow*
    • Maintain a Healthy Prostate Gland*
  • Pycnogenol Super Formula synergistically combines the antioxidant power of 50 mg of Pycnogenol® with the advanced polyphenol power of 40mg of P40p™ concentrated Pomegranate extract.
    • Supports Healthy Circulation and Cognitive Function*
    • Promotes Immunity and Respiratory Health*
    • Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Levels and Healthy Cholesterol Levels Already Within The Normal Range*