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At Purity Products®, we follow the latest research to bring you formulas on the cutting-edge of nutritional science! Here you will discover what's new in heart health, joint comfort, brain support, skin health, and more!*

Discover what's new on the cutting-edge of nutritional science!

  • MagBlue® - Super Boost
    • Promotes Energy, Vitality, and Focus During the Day*
    • Supports Relaxation, Deep Sleep, and Restoration at Night*
    • Promotes Positive Mood, Brain Function, Immune Response, Cardio Health & More*
  • Age Defyance™ - Epic Retinol 2.5X
    • Improves skin discoloration, crow’s feet, and softness in 12 weeks
    • Stimulates Cell-turnover and Collagen Production
    • Botanicals calm skin, minimizing redness and irritation
    • Added antioxidant power of 90% green tea polyphenols
  • Perfect Multi Cholesterol Support
    • Supports Cholesterol in the Already Normal Healthy Range*
    • Promotes Cardiovascular Health, Immune Function, & Brain Health*
    • Includes CardioAid® Plant Sterols, Spectra™ Performance Blend, PureWay-C® & More
  • MyBiotin ProClinical combines two patented and clinically studied nutrients to form a powerful weapon in the fight against the visible signs of aging.
    • Next Generation, Patented Biotin Matrix (MB40X™) Increases Hair Thickness up to 20%*
    • Significantly Reduces Fines Lines & Wrinkles*
    • Up to 17X More Skin Hydration*
  • Hylastra Gold Softgels
    • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles by Increasing Skin Hydration & Elasticity*
    • Promotes Healthy, Comfortable, Flexible Joints*
    • Previously called HYLASTIN, new name is Hylastra® Gold Softgels
  • MyBiotin is a patented and clinically studied new form of biotin that combines Magnesium Biotinate with Arginine Silicate.
    • Experience Thicker Hair in just 3 Weeks*
    • Next Generation, Patented Biotin Matrix (MB40X™) Increases Hair Density up to 20%*
    • Significantly Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles*
  • MyIron is a high absorption Iron formula that is gentle on the stomach.
    • Controlled Absorption Ferrochel® Iron plus High Cell Retention PureWay-C® Vitamin C
    • Gentle on the Stomach
    • Promotes Healthy Red Blood Cells, Energy Metabolism, Immune Function, and More*
  • Women's Multi OmegaBerry Pack
    • 2 Powerful Formulas Optimized For Women’s Health
    • Comprehensive Support for Bone Strength, Heart Health, and Hair, Skin & Nails *
    • Promotes Immune Function, Urinary Tract Health, Positive Mood, and More*
  • Flexuron PM is a the unique joint comfort and sleep formula that combines the clinical power of Flexuron Daily Joint Care with the most popular nutritional sleep aide, melatonin.
    • Clinically Studied to Promote Joint Comfort
    • Supports Joint Function and Flexibility*
    • Flexuron® PM with Melatonin Also Supports Deep, Restful Sleep*
  • The Artery Pill CORE is designed to support healthy blood flow with 4 powerful ingredients.
    • Helps Maintain Normal Circulation & Blood Flow*
    • Promotes Arterial Health & Cardiovascular Function*
    • Supports Blood Pressure Already In The Normal Range*