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  • Vegan Collagen Builder
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    • Supports Collagen Production in Connective Tissue*
    • Supports Circulation & Healthy Blood Vessels*
    • Supports Skin & Eye Health*

  • A Vegan Way to Build Collagen

    Collagen powders are all the rage, but they have one very big problem—they are made from animal protein. So, what is a Vegetarian or Vegan to do if they want to maintain healthy body collagen and stimulate collagen production?

    Welcome to the answer: Vegan Collagen Builder from Purity Products®! This innovative blend of nutrients is based on the science of how your body produces collagen—the essential structural support protein for connective tissues in the skin, eyes and throughout the body.* And it does it in a convenient one-a-day tablet — no need to mix up messy powders or take multiple pills!

    The Nutritional Science of Healthy Collagen

    Your body doesn’t need to ingest animal protein to build collagen—it can do it with proper plant-based nutrition. Vitamin C, certain key Amino Acids, Silica and Biotin can help support collagen production in connective tissue.* Plus, healthy circulation and proper blood vessel integrity go hand-in-hand with healthy collagen and skin elastin.1 And finally, there’s the role antioxidants such as vitamin C play in helping to protect the tissue in your skin from the effects of cell damaging free radicals.*

    That’s why Vegan Collagen Builder starts off with 300 mg of Vitamin C — a key stimulator of collagen synthesis. Then it adds Biotin and Silica for healthy hair, skin, and nails.* We add to that three important Amino Acids from vegan sources: glycine, lysine and proline. The body uses these amino acids to build the sturdy and tough collagen fibers that keep your connective tissue strong.* Plus, Vegan Collagen Builder incudes Grape seed extract for additional antioxidant power and support for the circulatory system.*

    The Amazing Benefits of a Clinical 10 mg Dose of FloraGlo® Lutein

    People often overlook the need for healthy skin — but it’s not vanity to desire skin that reflects on the outside the health you have on the inside. That’s why we added a clinically studied 10 milligrams of FloraGlo® Lutein, a botanical powerhouse for skin health!* Lutein is most commonly associated with healthy eyes and vision-which is a fantastic bonus benefit of Vegan Collagen Builder®.* However, research now shows that Lutein provides support for healthy skin as well.* In a study done specifically using FloraGlo® Lutein, participants saw an increase in skin hydration, elasticity, and overall skin health.*

    See How Vegan Collagen Builder® Can Help You

    The goal of Vegan Collagen Builder is to help your body produce healthy collagen—after all, healthy collagen contributes to smooth skin, heathy nail beds, strong hair follicles and sturdy tissue throughout the body.*But it does so much more than just that! In all, this innovative formula:

    • Supports Collagen Production in Connective Tissue*
    • Helps Maintain Healthy Collagen*
    • Supports Skin Health*
    • Supports Circulation and Healthy Blood Vessels*
    • Supports Vision and Eye Health*
    • Helps Maintain Immune Function*

    Vegan Collagen Builder is your alternative to animal-based collagen products. You are going to love the way you look and feel!

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