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  • Krill Omega 50+ 100 MG Co-Q10 - with PhosphoBoost
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  • Product Highlights

    • Supports Heart Health and Cardiovascular Function*
    • Promotes Brain Health and Joint Flexibility*
    • Supercharged with PhosphoBoost™ Krill Oil

  • A Dynamic Formula for Adults over 50

    Welcome to the new Krill Omega 50+® with CoQ10 — a highly innovative, value-packed Omega-3 Super Formula designed to fuel your active lifestyle.

    As we age, our heart, joints, and brain can benefit from targeted nutritional support. Krill Omega 50+® with CoQ10 features PhosphoBoost™ Krill Oil — a more potent source of EPA/DHA than ordinary krill oil — combined with Super Concentrated Ultra-Purified Omega-3 Fish Oil, Coenzyme Q10, and Vitamin D to support cardiovascular health, brain function, and joint comfort and flexibility.* This dynamic supplement also provides advanced nutritional support for eye health, youthful skin, and more.*

    It's the Supercharged Little Pill That Makes a Big Difference

    The rising star of the omega-3 world, krill oil is heralded for its unique phospholipid complex as well as the powerful natural astaxanthin it provides. One of the most versatile and effective antioxidants in nature, astaxanthin delivers a wide range of health-supporting benefits.* Following the latest science, The Krill Omega 50+ CoQ10 breakthrough boasts 500 mg of PhosphoBoost™ Krill Oil combined with 800 mg of ultra-pure, super-concentrated Fish Oil, plus 100mg CoQ10 in each 2 soft gel serving. Delivering nutritional support for joint comfort and flexibility, heart health, brain function and more, the blend of omega-3s in this formula work their magic at the cellular level, where long-chain omega-3s can positively affect cell structure and function through a variety of complex mechanisms.*

    Better with PhosphoBoost™

    PhosphoBoost™ is a brand-new krill oil concentrate that contains higher amounts of omega-3s, phospholipids, and choline than regular krill oil.

    • Up to 6X more EPA/DHA than stand-alone krill oil supplements
    • More phospholipids for better omega-3 absorption
    • A generous amount of choline to support brain health and liver function*
    • 500 mcg of natural astaxanthin to provide antioxidant power*

    Patented Technology

    PhosphoBoost™ was developed using a new technology called Flexitech™ that processes the krill oil at a low temperature to remove unwanted salts and other polar constituents.

    100% Sustainable and Traceable

    PhosphoBoost™ is certified as 100% sustainable and traceable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and is produced through a vertically integrated supply chain, allowing for full control of the krill oil from catch to softgel.

    Amazing Astaxanthin

    PhosphoBoost™ Krill Oil also provides astaxanthin, a carotenoid antioxidant gaining attention for its outstanding healthy aging effects.* Researchers in Japan noted under laboratory conditions that astaxanthin exhibits strong antioxidant activity and they concluded that astaxanthin can be termed "Super Vitamin E." Another recent study revealed that the free radical scavenging effects of astaxanthin also promote favorable cognitive function.*

    The CoQ10 Advantage

    Our ability to synthesize CoQ10 is known to decline as we get older, leading to potentially insufficient amounts, especially in tissues such as the heart which requires a constant supply of energy for cellular functions. The multitude of CoQ10's effects on human metabolism is documented in an extensive dossier of research studies, both on humans and animals. Numerous human clinical trials over the last several decades have demonstrated CoQ10's important benefits for maintaining a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.*

    Purity's LemonLock® Freshness System locks in purity and seals in freshness. Omega-3s such as fish oil and krill oil provide a host of health benefits for the body. But rancid fish oil can lead to unpleasant “fish burps.” Unlike other companies whose omega-3s may go rancid, our Proprietary LemonLock® Freshness System infuses our fish and krill oils with a potent antioxidant complex — sealing in the purity of our omega-3s. Experience the difference with Purity's LemonLock® Freshness System.

  • Product Reviews

    • honey
    • 65+
    • newmarket, ontario
    • F
    • General Health
    • 07/06/16 2:43
    • 5 out of 5
    • best purchase ever
    • This is a wonderful product. I recommend it to everyone over 50 to take these capsules
    • Rey
    • Not Specified
    • Texas
    • M
    • Not Specified
    • 08/10/16 11:55
    • 5 out of 5
    • Good product
    • Good product
    • don
    • 55 to 64
    • Lake Forest CA
    • M
    • Heart Health
    • 10/05/16 9:48
    • 5 out of 5
    • awesome omega
    • Ill continue to use forever
    • Nurse
    • Not Specified
    • Texas
    • M
    • Not Specified
    • 11/16/16 1:47
    • 5 out of 5
    • Best purchase
    • Good product.
    • stormy
    • Not Specified
    • Pennsylvania
    • F
    • Not Specified
    • 12/30/16 4:51
    • 5 out of 5
    • perfect for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I use all of these items regularly and bought them seperately. Using the Purity Products with Krill, Omega 3 Fish Oil, and the CoQ10 combined in one pill is great. I take 2 softgels daily and Im done. Nice in size and not a problem to swallow.
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