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What is Lean Science?

Let’s face it—losing weight is no small feat. In many cases, it can seem incredibly overwhelming. With all of the plans, products, and experts suggesting that their ways are the right ways to lose weight, how do you know what’s right for you?

The Lean Science Challenge

We understand how intimidating the entire process of losing weight and engaging in healthy living can be. That’s why we keep it simple and stick to the science! Not only is Purity Products committed to delivering you delicious products, rooted in the latest research and technology, but we are passionate about it as well! You deserve the best, and we believe it’s time for you to expect more from your meal replacement.

Try 14 servings of Lean Science for FREE. The nutritional technology found in Lean Science consisting of our premium quality whey protein, healthy fats, fiber and probiotic matrix will help you cut calories and lose weight while it helps curb your appetite. We are so sure you will be successful with your first 14 days we encourage you to just pay for shipping and handling and try it for FREE (see details regarding our free trial below). We know once you're successful you'll become a satisfied customer

  • 15g
  • Protein
  • 170
  • Calories
  • 24
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • 6g
  • Fiber

Why Lean Science?

Once you begin to incorporate Lean Science into your life, you will see and feel amazing changes within your body. Our Lean Science shakes will leave you feeling lighter, more energized, and (most importantly) satisfied. Hover over some of our key ingredients to learn what is behind Lean Science.

What sets Lean Science apart is its unique and innovated formula. Not only is each serving size only 170 calories, but those calories are action-packed. We believe that healthy weight loss and management means nourishing your body with what it needs in order to function optimally while continuing to shed those unwanted pounds. Our clinically tested formula is cutting edge, and it will help you slim down while still feeling satisfied. You can rest assured that we follow the science!

How to begin

Lean Science is a meal replacement that supports your wellness, as well as your weight loss goals! Let’s face the simple truth—reducing your caloric intake will lead to weight loss. But what happens after that? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be hard, painful, or overwhelming. We have created two simple plans that are both effective and simple to follow. Whether you are looking to make a major change, lose weight, slim down, or maintain your size - both of our plans listed below create an easy-to-follow formula that will have you losing weight while feeling vibrant.

Healthy Weight Loss Plan

  • Replace 2 meals a day with a Lean Science Shake
  • Indulge in 1-2 healthy snacks
  • Enjoy a sensible and balanced dinner

Effective Weight Management Plan

  • Replace 2 meals a day with a Lean Science Shake
  • Enjoy 2 well-rounded meals
  • Incorporate healthy snacks on those busy days


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