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That Makes a Big Difference

Krill Omega 50+® with CoQ10 Supports:

  • Heart Health*
  • Joint Flexibility*
  • Brain Function*



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A More Complete Solution

Have you heard that krill oil supplements can help support your heart, joint, and brain health?

But not all krill oil is created equally.

In fact, many of the leading brands don’t deliver when it comes to EPA & DHA – the essential active components of omega-3.

That’s why we created Krill Omega 50+® with CoQ10 to be your source for omega-3 and more!

What sets Krill Omega 50+® with CoQ10 apart from other omega-3 supplements?

  • PhosphoBoost Krill Oil - a more potent source of EPA/DHA than ordinary krill oil
  • Ultra-Pure Fish Oil – molecularly distilled to deliver even more omega-3
  • Coenzyme Q10 – to support energy production in the heart*
  • Vitamin D – an essential nutrient for heart health & more*
  • LemonLock® Freshness System – to keep the fish-burps at bay
Clickhere for a list of ingredients.

Better with PhosphoBoost

PhosphoBoost is a patented technology that makes Krill Omega 50+® with CoQ10 more effective by providing:

  • Up to 6X more EPA/DHA than stand-alone krill oil supplements
  • More phospholipids for better omega-3 absorption
  • A generous amount of choline to support brain health and liver function*
  • 500 mcg of natural astaxanthin to provide antioxidant power*

Beyond Omega-3

Krill Omega 50+® with CoQ10 takes your health to the next level with two additional ingredients for your heart, brain, and joints — making it the premier formula for healthy aging!*

The CoQ10 Advantage

CoQ10 is one of the most extensively researched ingredients in modern nutritional science. This important coenzyme is produced in the body, but levels tend to decline as we age.

Krill Omega 50+® with CoQ10 has 100 mg of CoQ10 — a clinically studied dose — to support overall cardiovascular health, healthy energy levels, and healthy immune function.*

The Vitamin D Difference

Emerging research has shown that Vitamin D is essential for maintaining a healthy heart.* Plus, Vitamin D supports bone health, which is key for maintaining the joint matrix.*

With 500 IU of Vitamin D, Krill Omega 50+® with CoQ10 helps you get what you may be missing from your daily diet.

The Benefits of Krill Omega 50+® with CoQ10

Heart Health

Clinical research shows that omega-3's, CoQ10, and Vitamin D all play valuable roles in maintaining cardiovascular function. Plus, omega-3 can support triglyceride and cholesterol levels in already normal, healthy range.*

Brain Health

DHA from omega-3 supports memory, mood, attention and overall brain health.*

Joint Health

In a randomized, double-blind clinical study, a daily intake of 300 mg of krill oil was shown to support joint flexibility.*

Immune Health

Vitamin D is essential to immune system function — and astaxanthin helps protect the body against the effects of free radicals on cells and tissues.*

Vision Health

DHA from omega-3 is an essential building block of key structures in the eyes, including the retina.*

Skin Health

New research suggests that omega-3 can help maintain healthy skin both functionally and cosmetically.*

Excellent product. I simply take two small capsules each day. It’s easy, and convenient, and I know I'm doing my heart, brain and other inward parts a world of good.

Pat - Biloxi, MS

Sharpens the Brain. I have been using Krill Omega for about 5 months now. 5 Stars!

Jimmythegent - Long Island, NY

My husband and I are in our 60's and find this product very good compared to just the Omega-3.

Avril - Tornonto, Canada

Over all I think this is a good product it keeps me going I work 7 days a week. I will suggest anyone 50 years and older to make sure they have Krill Omega 50+ with coq10.

Johnny05 - Jersey City, NJ

Best decision ever. Easiest to take. No aftertaste. Great product.

Jane - Odessa, TX

Krill Omega 50+ with CoQ10 works great on sore joints, etc. So far it works wonders.

Robert - Texas

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Krill Omega 50+® with CoQ10 is great for your heart, joint and brain health.*


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