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  • Kid's Omega-3 Fish Oil and Chewable Multi Kit
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    • Get both kid's formulas for one low price
    • I.Q. Essentials: Kid's Omega 3 Fish Oil with Vitamin D
    • Kid's Multi Chewable

  • Kid's Omega-3 Fish Oil Formula

    Purity’s I.Q. Essentials™ Kid’s Omega-3 Fish Oil is a small, chewable soft gel that features great tasting, orange flavored, purified Omega-3 Fish Oil, rich in DHA and EPA, to support healthy brain development, focus and learning.*

    Ultra Pure, Super Concentrated Fish Oil with Vitamin D

    As part of Purity’s commitment to product quality, not only are these Fish Oils super concentrated, but they are “molecularly distilled.”  This process removes contaminants and locks in purity.  For children 2 and up, five small soft gels deliver 130 mg EPA, 230 mg DHA and 1000 IU Vitamin D, as recommended by the Vitamin D Council.

    I.Q.Essentials™ . . . Fish Oil For Kids!

    Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in I.Q. Essentials™, support healthy cognitive function in children. DHA and EPA - widely recognized for their positive role in the health of the brain, heart, skin, joints, eyes and more, you won’t want your child to be without it. I.Q. Essentials™ is molecularly distilled and guaranteed to be ultra-pure and super concentrated. Get your child started on I.Q. Essentials™ and see why Omega 3’s are making headlines all over the world. Kids (and adults) love the great tasting orange flavor!

    The Benefits of I.Q. Essentials™ Fish Oil

    The Omega-3 fatty acid DHA is highly concentrated in critical brain structures, including the cerebral cortex, synaptic membranes, mitochondria and photoreceptors of the retina.* Omega-3 fatty acids support the function of neuronal cell membranes and complex signaling pathways in the human body.*

    Smart Nutrition for Growing Minds

    As a parent, your children’s nutrition is of paramount importance to you.  So, why would you let them take just vitamin?  Too many children’s vitamins are incomplete at best.  Well, that is no longer the case thanks to Purity’s Kid's Multi Chewable.

    Balanced Nutrition is Healthy Nutrition

    No one child has a perfect diet, all of the time.  That is why it is important to support your child’s daily dietary intake with a complete multivitamin that helps to fill those “nutritional gaps”.  That’s why we’ve taken the most important vitamins, mineral and nutrients and balanced them for optimal nutrition on our high quality Kids’ Multi Chewable.

    • Support the Growth and development of Strong Bones & Teeth with Calcium and 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D*
    • Support Eye Health and Development with Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Lutein*
    • Support Vibrant Immunity with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin A (as Beta-carotene) plus powerful Phytonutrients*

    Kid's Multivitamin contains no eggs, wheat, tree nuts, fish, shellfish or gluten.

    Kid's Omega-3 contains no milk, eggs, wheat, tree nuts, shellfish or gluten.


  • Product Reviews

    • Wilma
    • 03/14/12 11:07
    • 5 out of 5
    • There is no review to accompany this rating.
    • DAS
    • 35 to 44
    • Bakersfield, CA.
    • M
    • Childrens Health
    • 06/03/15 5:55
    • 5 out of 5
    • My Kids Love Them!!!
    • I have two kids taking them a five year old and a two year old. They both love the fish oil and ask me for more every time.
    • sonshinesmiles
    • 25 to 34
    • Alberta Canada
    • Female
    • Children's Health
    • 03/12/14 10:48
    • 3 out of 5
    • Nice idea
    • Seems like a good overall vitamin supplement for kids, hard to tell its effectiveness in children. They were not overly impressed with the flavour of the chewables, the omega oils taste like orange but then have that bad fishy after taste. at least they are small enough to swallow. I do really like that they have fruit & veggies included.