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    • Features The Legendary Adaptogen Rhodiola and Supporting Co-Factors
    • Promotes Physical & Mental Energy, Endurance, and Performance*
    • Supports Healthy Stress Response and Cognitive Function*

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    Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Nutritional Science In One Ground-Breaking Supplement

    Vital Brilliance Chris Kilham

    As a Medicine Hunter® and Ethnobotanist, I have scoured the globe to uncover the most potent herbs for supporting health. My travels took me to the “Silk Road” of Siberia, where I unearthed Rhodiola, a versatile root used throughout history by Chinese Emperors, Viking Explorers, and Inuit Tribesmen for physical and mental energy, endurance, and performance. For decades, this prized botanical fell from the world stage as the now-defunct Soviet government kept it as part of their Olympic athletes’ and space-faring Cosmonauts’ secret training regimens. But the changing geopolitical landscape made Rhodiola available to the world at large once again – and in fact, it became my own personal favorite adaptogen, travelling with me on my many adventures.

    However, not content to settle for the many great things Rhodiola can do on its own, Purity Products® and I became determined to unearth other ancient herbs and bring them into the modern nutritional era so that we could combine them with Rhodiola into one super formula that can help the body and mind endure the stress of the modern world and perform at their best. Therefore, I continued to hunt for other traditional health supporting botanicals… And Vital Brilliance was born!

    Vital Brilliance Couple

    The Full-Spectrum Benefits of Vital Brilliance

    Vital Brilliance is what I call an “experiential formula” — you will feel and notice the effects taking place. This dynamic nutritional supplement can support your mind so it feels relaxed, clear and sharp, giving you a mental edge as you engage in your work day while also supporting your ability to manage occasional, minor stress.* And on the physical front, Vital Brilliance promotes energy and stamina to help you perform at your peak, whether you are exercising, playing with the kids, or enjoying the great outdoors.*

    I have created many formulas during my time as a Medicine Hunter®, but I am perhaps most excited by Vital Brilliance. Purity Products® has backed my desire to create a nutritional supplement to support the body and mind that is built around the botanicals I myself have used for decades in my own daily health regimen. I know you will benefit greatly from Vital Brilliance.

    Vital Brilliance Benefits

    Unlock The Secrets of Vital Brilliance

    Vital Brilliance Capsules

    Vital Brilliance is built around Rhodiola — my personal favorite adaptogen — and includes complementary co-factors to support your body against physical and mental stress.*


    Known in some circles as “golden root,” Rhodiola rosea originates in the cold mountainous regions of Asia and Europe. The root of this plant contains more than 140 active constituents, including potent rosavins. Vital Brilliance is standardized to contain 5% rosavins.

    Multiple clinical studies have shown what ancient cultures have known for centuries: Rhodiola has an amazing effect on both the body and the mind! For both, it acts to promote energy, endurance and performance while helping you maintain healthy stress levels.*

    Vital Brilliance Rhodiola

    Some of the clinical study highlights on Rhodiola include one titled “The effects of an acute dose of Rhodiola rosea on endurance exercise performance” — which concluded that “Rhodiola rosea ingestion significantly decreased heart rate during the standardized warm-up.”1

    Of particular note is a comprehensive review of stress management and the role of Rhodiola, which concluded that extracts of Rhodiola rosea can help manage occasional minor stress by influencing the release of stress hormones.2

    (Note: Not all of the studies were conducted on the exact Rhodiola extract found in Vital Brilliance nor at the same dosage levels.)


    Schisandra, a wild berry widely used in both traditional and contemporary Chinese medicine, has a 2,000-year history of use for supporting longevity, energy, and fighting fatigue. As an adaptogen (an herb that helps the body adapt to stress), Schisandra is a potent general tonic that enhances physical performance and promotes endurance.*

    Vital Brilliance Schisandra

    Supporting Botanicals

    • Eleuthero: Modern scientific study has revealed this revered botanical’s support for energy, cognitive function, and exercise performance.*
    • Ashwagandha: Numerous clinical studies have shown the power of this Indian treasure for managing occasional minor anxiety.*
    • Asian Ginseng: Also known as Panax Ginseng, this empowering herb has been shown in studies to support vitality, especially when it comes to physical performance.*
    • Goji Berry: Goji Berry is a prized superfood that provides a rich antioxidant content for protecting the body against the effects of free radicals on cells and tissues.*

    As you can see, Vital Brilliance is packed with a variety of adaptogens to help fuel your body while at the same time providing balanced support for dealing with the stress we all sometimes face.* I really do take this myself every morning — and I am certain that it will be part of your daily nutritional routine for years to come.

    From The Medicine Trail,
    Vital Brilliance Chris Kilham
    Chris Kilham


    To achieve the highest standard in specifications of finished product, our manufacturer adheres to the highest quality control measures, including:

    • Written Standard Operating Prodcedures (SOPs) to comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations ensuring consistent quality
    • Certificate of Analysis available
    • USDA Certified Organic Handler/Processor
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